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Great products for great people

Cast Iron CAD is a Manufacturing and Engineering consultancy, helping clients design and develop their products into manufactured items optimised for quality and sales.

Our approach has been developed over 25 years to ensure that all areas are considered; this is presented in a way that helps our clients easily establish where they are in the development cycle and what’s next.

Cast Iron CAD work within a network of Designers, Engineers and Manufacturers, bringing together all the project skillsets required to create a successful product.

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What We Do

We offer a full development service and can help take your product from concept to production . Cast Iron CAD c an have as much or as little involvement as necessary with your project, taking you through a full product development cycle, or using our expertise to assist with specific areas.   

Product Design

Specification > Conceptualisation > Industrial Design


Optimisation > Testing > Production Engineering


Production > MRP > Sales API

Engineering Equipment

Onsite state of the art prototyping equipment: Available to be used to produce multiple complex prototypes:

3D CAD, NC Software, Large format printers, 3D scanner for Reverse Engineering

Goods inwards inspection:
Micrometer, 3D scanner for item measurement, Vernier, Coming Soon Material identification/verification.

Drill press, disc sanding station, scroll saw, vertical band saw, rail saw, router, CNC mill, CNC router, miter saw.

3D Printers (5xFDM & 2xSLA), Vacuum former, Laser cutting (Small & Large), Hot line bending, Vinyl cutting machine.

Sewing machine, punches, cutting boards.

Soldering irons, heat guns, power supplies, benchtop pick and place, reflow oven, breadboard setup.

Large fully ventilated spray booth, compressed air feed.

Socket sets, micro screw drivers, presses.

Electrical test equipment, tensile testing, universal testing machine, drop test, thermal aging.

Engineering Expertise

Design, Engineering & Production Techniques used: CIC works with all industrial manufacturing techniques:

Polymer Engineering:
Advanced polymer product development
Areas of expertise:
Injection molding (RIM, MIM, blowing agent foamed), Extrusion (multiple layer, straight profile), Blow-molding, Sheet thermoforming (vacuum, pressurized), Thermosetting compounds (compression, transfer molding, casting), rubber molding, 3D Printing (SLA, SLS, CLIP), Foam Sheet & punching, Rotational Molding, CNC machining (multiple axis, lathe), joining (vibration welding, gluing, assembly, snap-fit), surface finishing.


CNC machining (multiple axis, lathe), casting (lost wax, sand casting, shell molding), Fabrication (welding, brazing, gluing, riveting, Soldering, assembly, fusion), Finishing (grinding, hand polishing, electro-polishing, coating (paint, electroplating, galvanising), extrusion, rolling, bending, cutting (laser, water, punching), pressing, tempering, engraving, spinning, swaging.

CNC machining (multiple axis, lathe), injection molding via sintering.

Handcrafted, CNC milled, lathe, finishing (polished, painted, hot stamping, laser etching) Joining (assembly, standard joints, gluing), routing